Norberg Part 1/Sweden
Monday 10th August 2009
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Mimer Exterior
Picture credit: Shaun Murphy
Mimer Interior
Picture credit: Shaun Murphy


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This week we went to the Norberg Festival which takes place every year in an abandoned mine in the tiny town of Norberg, Sweden.

We sent our geekiest Global Soundtracker, Shaun, to ensure we got the highest quality recordings possible from what we think is one of the best music festivals for electronic music in the world. Thanks to his complimenting a sound engineers speakers, Shaun managed strike up some deals when it came to recording access. Handy when getting from one stage to the other includes navigating several floors of wrought iron ladders as well as a giant hole in the ground - check out his photos to see what we mean.

In this the first of a Norberg two partner, we start things off with a beautiful live set from Aslope and Nabo who are part of Danish collective New Folder. We have been waiting to record them live since meeting  the group at Distortion Festival (GS003). The wait has definitely been worth it, we're sure you'll agree.

We also have a package about the best named new genre 'Skweee', as well as a live battle between Swedish and Finnish Skweee artists. This was a pretty unique occurence to get all of these guys on the same stage at the same time, and we're giving you the battle in full. Listen out for the Finns getting more and more annoyed with the Swedish sound techs - it's good to hear that the rivalry almost manages to remain friendly!

Skweee Battle Harmönia Team
Randy Barracuda (FIN)
Mesak (FIN)
Eero Johannes (FIN)
Claws Costeau (FIN)

Skweee Battle Flogsta Team
Limonious a k a Pavan (SE)
Wankers United (FR)
Daniel Savio a.k.a. Kool DJ Dust (SE)
Mrs Qeada (SE)

Presented by Tom Ravenscroft
Produced by Emily Mules


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Neverever (The Champagne Socialists) (US) - 'Young Runaways' (Slumberland)
New Folder (Aslope & Nabo) Live From Norberg
Rumpistol (DK) - 'Beito' (Rump)
LJ Kruzer (GB) - 'Tram' (Uncharted Audio)
Skweee Introduction & 'Battle' Live From Norberg
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